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Microsoft Navision Demos (requires Macromedia Flash Player)

Business Analytics
Gain Business Insight
Approx. 5 Min
See how Microsoft Navision helps you visualize data in different ways according to what is relevant for you.
Business Notification
See how Microsoft Navision generates automatic notifications and alerts both internally (to employees) and externally (to suppliers, customers and other business partners).
Learn how Microsoft Navision helps you optimize the shipping and picking processes on the basis of released source documents such as sales orders.
E-commerce and Other Portals
Commerce Gateway
Take a look at how efficiently you can exchange trading documents with other systems using Microsoft Biz Talk Server.
Financial Management
Watch how you can use Microsoft Navision to create consolidated financial information and share it with your subsidiaries or parent company.
See how you can set up and use "dimensions" to help control business procedures, analyze business activities in depth, and exploit new opportunities quickly.
Financial Management
Take a look at the tools you can use to analyze the results of your sales campaigns.
Fixed Assets
Find out how Microsoft Navision can help you efficiently manage your fixed assets by allowing you to easily record and calculate fixed assets depreciation.
Intercompany Postings
See how you can easily create all the necessary documents when doing inter-company transactions (including sales and purchase documents and general ledger entries).
Receivables and Payables Management
Find out how Microsoft Navision lets you automatically suggest vendor payments, and send reminders to your customers. See how you can easily "un-apply" customer payments that have been applied incorrectly.
New Menu Suite/Navigation
See how easy it is to customize and work with the menus in Microsoft Navision.
XML Document Exchange I
See how the XML document exchange feature can help you communicate faster and more efficiently with your supply chain partners.
XML Document Exchange II
See how the XML document exchange feature makes it easier to exchange information such as consolidation data, production scheduling data, and e-commerce documents.
See how multiple planning options, tracking, and action messaging in Microsoft Navision let you quickly and easily make exceptions and last-minute changes to give customers what they want, when they want it.
Manufacturing Foundation
Discover how you can use Gantt charts to manage your production schedules.
Sales and Marketing
Campaign Management and Microsoft Word Integration
Learn how you can create personalized campaign segments and distribute them efficiently using Microsoft Word's "mail merge" feature.
Outlook Integration
See how you can synchronize Microsoft Navision contact, task, meeting, and e-mail information with Microsoft Office Outlook.
Service Management
See the Microsoft Navision tools that can help you manage service requests efficiently.