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Microsoft Navision® Jobs and Project Management


For detailed information, download the Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision® Jobs/Project Management fact sheet.

Microsoft Navision Jobs & Project Management
Successful job management requires an up-to-date overview, detailed planning, and the ability to carry out follow-up analyses based on objective data. The Jobs application area enables detailed accounting and planning for all costs and billings for a project or job.

First of all, automated billing prevents costs from going unbilled. Secondly, integration with other application areas ensures that costs are posted to the relevant application areas. This also reduces the amount of detail you must maintain in the General Ledger. Finally, budgets and estimates allow you to make detailed costing plans and better analyze your profitability.

Track Resource Cost and Usage
Resources are one of the most valuable commodities in a business. But making good use of your company’s resources is no easy task. Microsoft Business Solutions Project Management–Navision enables you to optimize the effectiveness of your personnel and equipment resources as well as increase your company’s efficiency through improved resource monitoring and capacity planning.

By accurately monitoring the cost and usage of your resources, you can improve your resource management and gain better insight into your company’s overall resource capacities. The solution also allows you to use flexible pricing models – making it easy for you to invoice and record job costs.