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Custom Reports and Tools


View demos of Microsoft Navision relating to reporting and customization -
Budgeting, Customization, Reporting:

Microsoft Navision Technology: Customization Demo
See how easy it is to add a new field to a table

Modifying Reports in Microsoft Navision - Demo
See how straightforward it is to add fields to an existing report

Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Reporting Wizards Demo
See how quick and simple it is to create a report using wizards

Microsoft Navision Modifying Budgets Demo
Learn how modifying an existing budget to make a new one can simplify the budget process, and give you greater control over it.

Microsoft Navision: Exporting Budgets Demo
See how straightforward it is to export a budget from Microsoft Navision to Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Navision has excellent functionality to produce powerful custom reports to ensure the success of your business.

Account Schedules
Account schedules allow you to use the data in your general ledger to help drive your business. You can use a range of pre-defined reports or your own customized company-specific reports. The financial information generated in this way can then be presented on a Web browser or distributed by e-mail, so that managers and employees, network partners and investors can stay informed about your company's activities.

Create an unlimited number of unique, company-specific reports based on g/l data, budget data and dimensions data:

  • Save reports and scrutinize them online using the drill-down feature
  • Specify rows using any accounts or account totals from your chart of accounts
  • Create formulas on rows and columns for on-the-spot calculations, so you don't need to import or recalculate total rows each time new entries have been created
  • Specify an unlimited number of columns. For example, you can easily compare G/L figures with budget figures using the Net Change, Formula, and Balance at Date column types
  • Use the Comparison Period Formula to compare figures for current periods and previous periods
  • Select budget and date filters, and choose whether to show amounts in your company's additional reporting currency
  • Export your account schedules to Excel to make full use of Excel's visual and presentation capabilities

Reporting by Dimension
Set up dimension value hierarchies to reflect your reporting and accounting needs because the intuitive hierarchy setup closely resembles the setup procedure for your chart of accounts. You can include totaling values and formulas that allow an unlimited category tree. You can filter data to obtain the level of dimensions information you require. Maintain dimension value hierarchies independently of your chart of accounts.

You can maintain a highly detailed reporting and accounting hierarchy without having to create and manage a cumbersome range of accounts and sub accounts. Include global dimensions on all reports where dimensions information may be relevant and available. Use Dimensions to create specific reports:

  • Dimensions - Totals Report. This report shows G/L entry totals organized by G/L account, dimension values and selected dimensions. For example, you can view department totals per product, per sales region.

  • Dimensions - Details Report. This report shows each individual posting segmented by G/L account, dimension value and dimension for specific accounting or auditing purposes. You can also compare actual amounts with budgeted amounts in a single report. Your can create your own company-specific dimension reports. You use analysis view entries (instead of G/L entries) in account schedules to create these reports, and you can easily export Microsoft® Excel® to create visual presentations.

Detail Trial Balance Report
In the Chart of Accounts, use a range of balances to view debit and credit information for accounts, periods, department or project, and compare this with budgeted balances. You can use the Detail Trial Balance Report to print this information.

Foreign Trade & Currency Management
Maintain general ledger in two different currencies so you can view balances online and print financial reports for two currencies simultaneously.