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Our Methodology


Needs Analysis

  • We perform a comprehensive needs analysis and prepare a detailed project scope document for every potential client…

Software Implementation & System Design

  • We implement your Microsoft Navision solution in a sequence designed to maximize your productivity and minimize interruptions to your workflow.

  • Data conversion is a step that is typically performed 2 times

    • The first time is during the initial design phase, when the programs that convert the data are written. This data conversion will allow us to test the effectiveness of our conversion, to see if there are any data errors, and make the necessary corrections. This will also allow for training with your data already in the system.

    • The second data conversion is done just prior to going live.

  • It will convert the latest up-to-the-minute information from your accounting system.

  • We execute setups to provide for proper posting, proper functionality, and proper security.

  • Posting groups are set specifically for end users' ability to post transactions without concern about which G/L accounts are affected.

  • Setups are executed to determine accounting periods, warning types enabled, and how certain calculations occur.

  • Security setup is performed: users are added, passwords are set, and roles are assigned.

  • Each user group menu is designed at this time; particular users will be restricted access to certain data, with access unavailable from their menus.

  • The implementation phase is the period right after going live with Navision. For a period of 2 weeks, we commit our staff to be on-site at all times to ensure a smooth transition to Navision.

Training & Support

  • We utilize a "train the trainer" technique
  • We will have a "super user" training session
  • We will also have 2 one-week training sessions
  • Training material will be provided by AEI