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To get ahead and stay in front, you need a business solution that helps you identify and respond quickly to new revenue opportunities. With Microsoft Navision you will know the status of your business at any given moment. Business and financial information is always up-to-date and integrated with all of your sales and marketing information so you can easily view the specific information you need to make informed decisions.

Microsoft Navision is much more than just a powerful accounting tool. Microsoft Navision makes it easy to spot trends and gain insight into your business activities, enabling you to capitalize on your knowledge and unearth new business opportunities that might have otherwise been difficult to spot. You can automate many of your financial practices and procedures according to your needs, so you define the level of control that you want. From integrating payment information with purchase data, to complete drill down and filtering capabilities, Microsoft Navision provides clear visibility for all your financial transactions.

"I want a solution that delivers exactly what I need without disrupting my business."

Microsoft Navision delivers what you need, when you need it—a solution that builds on your strengths…
Start with core business and financial applications, such as invoicing, cost control, bookkeeping and inventory. Add more Financial, CRM, Manufacturing, Distribution and E-Business applications as your business grows. Microsoft Navision's open architecture allows your Navision Solution Center - Anderson Essentials, Inc. - to transform these standard applications into a solution customized to your way of doing business. We are the only global mid-market software vendor that gives its partners full access to the source code they require to meet your specific needs.

…Delivered fast and cost-effectively
Anderson Essentials will work closely with you on your new Microsoft Navision solution using our proven implementation methodology and tools. Together, we map out your business processes and identify your competitive strengths. We then use this information to design a system that meets your exact requirements. Before implementation begins, you agree on the project scope, budget and time frame. Implementation is fast and efficient, with no surprises and no downtime. After implementation, Microsoft Navision is exceptionally easy to maintain. We provide ongoing technical support, including excellent training and upgrade programs. With one integrated solution, your information is always accurate, and you no longer have to waste time reconciling numbers from disconnected systems.

"In the past, the actual accounting process involved a number of reconciliations between the different systems. Month-end reporting could take up to three weeks. We've cut the process down by about a third."
- John Holden, Financial Controller, Crown Leisure (Microsoft Navision Customer)

We provide a series of self-running demos to provide in-depth information for many of Navision's unique features.

Financial Modules by Functional Area

Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Cash Manager
Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision® Cash Manager provides an efficient way of tracking monetary accounts at financial institutions.

Control Your Bank Accounts Directly from Microsoft Navision

  • Manage and reconcile bank accounts and print checks
  • Administrate an unlimited number of bank accounts
  • Maintain balances in local and foreign currencies
  • Keep Your Bank Accounts Fully Updated
  • Verify that your records agree with those of the bank at the end of a specific period
  • Track cash receipts and payment transactions for each bank account
  • Automate and Control the Entire Check-Writing Process
  • Print checks that you created manually, as well as computer-generated checks
  • Track check numbers
  • Make checks void (if they do not print properly, for example)

For detailed information, download the Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision® Cash Manager fact sheet. To contact us directly, please call Anderson Essentials at 800-437-8608 or email the .

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Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Financial Management
Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision® Financial Management frees you to focus on your business.

Tailor the Software to Your Specific Needs

  • Add fields, tables, and user-specific menus in a few minutes
  • Set up business rules-for example, payment terms and discounts for individual customers and vendors
  • Handle the full range of legal requirements and currency issues inherent in international trade, including euro business

Do More and Know More

  • Look further than account balances: drill down to details quickly and easily filter out irrelevant information
  • Work in a program that's easy to use because the graphical user interface is intuitive, and simple to remember because it's consistent
  • Use general ledger data to help drive your business with a range of pre-defined reports, or your own customized company-specific reports

See Opportunities You Didn't Know Existed

  • Analyze by a variety of criteria, such as profit, cost centers, departments, regions, product lines, or any other reporting unit
  • Use a range of pre-defined reports or your own customized company-specific reports
  • Present report results on the Web or distribute by e-mail, so managers and employees, network partners, and investors can stay informed about your company's activities

For detailed information, download the Microsoft Navision® - Financial Management fact sheet, or watch one of the Self-Running Demos to see how Microsoft Navision supports your strengths and helps you focus on getting the job done your way. To contact us directly, please call Anderson Essentials at 800-437-8608 or email the .

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Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Fixed Assets
Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision® Fixed Assets helps you save time, money, and effort organizing, managing, and accounting for your company's fixed assets.

Gain Control with a Real-Time Overview

  • Always know your book value and accumulated depreciation
  • Gain an overview of the accumulated depreciation on your fixed assets
  • Microsoft Navision Fixed Assets automatically updates all relevant application areas when you purchase, depreciate, or sell a fixed asset

More Efficient Fixed Asset Management

  • Easily reconcile your fixed assets to your general ledger
  • Track your fixed assets, based on criteria specified by you, such as date or location
  • Choose from several standard depreciation methods

Handle Your Insurance Policies Effectively

  • Monitor the insurance coverage and annual insurance premiums of your fixed assets
  • See whether your assets are under-insured or over-insured
  • Allocate each asset to one or more insurance policies

For detailed information, download the Microsoft Navision® - Fixed Assets fact sheet. To contact us directly, please call Anderson Essentials at 800-437-8608 or email the .

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Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision General Ledger
Centralize your company's accounting information, posting specifications, and other core data efficiently.

Work Efficiently in a Multiple User Environment

  • All users can enter and post data simultaneously
  • Input of redundant data is dramatically reduced
  • Create as many journals as you want, so all employees can enter and post data at the same time
  • Post either in debit and credit columns, or in amount columns with credits posted as negative amounts
  • See how a journal will affect liquid accounts before posting
  • Automate common transactions, tax handling, and documentation
  • Save database space by compressing several ledger entries into one-for example, a result can be contained in one entry per month, per account

Explore the Most Up-To-Date Financial Data

  • The system continually updates and recalculates contents of all posted transactions
  • Drill down from any amount to view which entries comprised its calculation
  • Generate complete audit trails
  • View a summary of the number and type of entries with the same document number as a particular entry
  • Filter information according to your needs-for example, specify only sales to customers from a certain region are shown in a Customer List window
  • Make reports using historical data, even if you've converted the base currency to Euro
  • For each account, view a window showing budget figures or actual figures for the entire chart of accounts

Work According to Your Needs

  • Choose whether an amount is shown per day, week, month, quarter, year, or accounting period
  • Define your fiscal year as beginning on any date, and divide it into accounting periods
  • Create budgets with a breakdown of every general ledger account and every total in the chart of accounts
  • Enter figures in any currency and choose the currency for reports, such as VAT, annual report, and income statement
  • Define and format alternative reports with general ledger data
  • Tailor the program to consolidate your subsidiaries' financial statements

For detailed information, download the Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision® General Ledger fact sheet. To contact us directly, please call Anderson Essentials at 800-437-8608 or email the .

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Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Multicurrency
Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision® Multicurrency helps you make the most of other currencies, including the euro.

More Flexibility, Better Service

  • Keep your local currency and still invoice, order, and make and accept payments in alternative currency
  • Create reports in alternative currency
  • Choose euro as your default currency, and keep your local currency as an alternative
  • Manage exchange rates efficiently

For detailed information, including system requirements, download the Microsoft Navision® Multicurrency fact sheet. To contact us directly, please call Anderson Essentials at 800-437-8608 or email the .

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Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision User Portal
Learn more about this personalized Web portal that helps instantly increases employee productivity.

A Web-Based Interface That's Ready to Use

  • Little or no training: anyone familiar with Microsoft programs and Web browsers can walk up and use it.
  • No extra software costs: Microsoft Business Solutions User Portal is part of Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision®
  • Choose from over 100 out-of-the-box Web parts-for example, Microsoft Outlook® Calendar
  • Users without a regular work station can log on from any office computer

Increases the Efficiency of Sales and Service Reps in the Field

  • Access your customized portal from a Web browser
  • Perform searches from any source-for example, a sales rep can look up customer accounts and sales history while in the field

Helps Employees Make Better Decisions

  • Delivers all the critical information, programs, and features employees need on their own homepage
  • Single-click access to analytical tools

For detailed information, download the Microsoft Navision® - User Portal fact sheet. To contact us directly, please call Anderson Essentials at 800-437-8608 or email the .

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Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision XBRL
Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) uses accepted financial reporting standards and practices to export financial reports across all software and technologies, including the Internet.

Streamline Exchange of Financial Information

  • XML tags provide standards for electronic communication between completely different systems
  • Submit your figures for approval of a loan or for a credit check by exporting the required data using XBRL with its underlying XML-based tags to the credit institution or bank
  • File tax returns and other official reports electronically using the given authorities' XBRL template
  • Consolidate subsidiaries' financial reports

Take Advantage of Common Standards and the Internet

  • Enter data only once and use it to create a printed financial statement, an HTML document for a Web site, a raw XML file, or a report in special format
  • Increase visibility for stakeholders
  • Allow analysts to view and receive information
  • Put your company on the radar screens of potential investors

For detailed information, download the Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision® XBRL fact sheet or the XBRL for E-Business fact sheet. To contact us directly, please call Anderson Essentials at 800-437-8608 or email the .

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Microsoft Navision Self-Running Demos -
Accounting, Budgeting, Customization, Reporting, and Upgrading:

Microsoft Navision Analysis: Fast Answers Demo
Discover how Microsoft Navision supports your strengths and lets you focus on getting the job done your way.

Microsoft Navision Object Designer/Customization Demo
See how easy it is to add a new field to a table.

Microsoft Navision Exporting Budgets to Excel Demo
See how straightforward it is to export a budget from Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision® to Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Financial Management Demo
Discover how applying various financial parameters can reveal the difference between actual performance and budgeted forecasts.

Microsoft Navision Modifying Budgets Demo
Learn how modifying an existing budget to make a new one can simplify the budget process, and give you greater control over it.

Microsoft Navision Creating Reports Demo
See how quick and simple it is to create a report, using wizards.

Microsoft Navision Modifying Reports Demo
See how straightforward it is to add fields to an existing report.

Microsoft Navision: Easy to Upgrade Demo
See how the Merge and Compare tool makes it easier for a developer to upgrade you to a new version of Microsoft Navision taking customizations into account.

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