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Microsoft Navision Advanced Distribution gives wholesalers a powerful way to build lasting customer relationships. Microsoft Navision Advanced Distribution™ allows you to:

  • Fulfill orders more efficiently
  • Answer customer questions at any time during the order cycle
  • Reduce costs to offer more competitive pricing or increase profit margins

Microsoft Navision: Distribution Demo
See how Microsoft Navision helps you increase control of your warehouse, thereby reducing costs and increasing profits.

Quickly Identify Items Customers Want to Order
Vendors, distributors and customers often identify the same item differently. Microsoft Navision Advanced Distribution™ establishes cross-referencing that enables you to reference any of the multiple numbers for an item and find it instantly. This makes order processing smooth and speedy.

Offer Customers Access to All of Your Catalogs
While it's important to distinguish between stock and non-stock items, the distinction shouldn't affect the level of customer service. With Microsoft Navision Advanced Distribution™, it's just another order - it never becomes an obstacle to smooth fulfillment. Every order fulfilled, from whichever source, contributes toward building customer loyalty. Handle non-stock orders like any other sales order, and specify whether to handle orders as cross-dock shipments or drop shipments to save time on delivery.

Offer Customers Alternatives
With item substitutions, stock shortages don't have to drive customers away. Save customers time and headaches by quickly tracking and offering an alternative item with similar characteristics.

Handle Customer Returns More Efficiently
Process customer returns from one screen containing all the information related to that return. With Microsoft Navision Advanced Distribution's™ Returns Management system, issue credit memos, send defective items back to suppliers, and send replacement items to customers quickly.

Improve Customer Service
Customers inquire about their orders constantly. They need to be answered quickly and accurately. Drill down easily from one screen to get precise information and answer any questions customers have about items, orders and shipping. With Microsoft Navision Advanced Distribution™, you can:

  • Access the most up-to-date information on price, availability, delivery time, product specifications, special promotions and discounts
  • Offer item substitutions for similar items in a variety of styles, brands and price categories
  • Find details on order status at any time
  • Resolve credit issues easily

Offer Customers the Best Possible Price
Microsoft Navision Advanced Distribution's™ contract pricing functionality provides accurate information with which to negotiate price, taking into account seasonal and item discounts. Sales or purchases that fall within the contract terms will receive the benefits of the contract

Optimize Warehouse Operations
Microsoft Navision Advanced Distribution™ warehouse management functionality allows for tight levels of inventory control and tracking within one or more physical locations. This real time solution, especially important in cross docking situations, allows for one-time entry of new items. Important item information such as dimension and weight is then immediately available to warehouse personnel. Reduce workloads and errors while improving customer service levels.

Streamline Inventory Handling
Reduce labor costs for picking and putting away inventory, conducting cycle counts, and replenishing forward order picking locations. Microsoft Navision Advanced Distribution™ provides directed, or suggested, picking features and advises warehouse personnel on where to find inventory and how it should be picked. The directed put-away feature also offers advice for where and how inventory should be placed in the warehouse.

Take Advantage of Usage-Based Procurement
Use Microsoft Navision Advanced Distribution™ to determine the least amount of inventory necessary to maintain the optimal level of customer service. Make purchasing decisions based on what customers are actually buying. Flag and review exceptional orders to determine if they should be included in the calculations, and make necessary adjustments for greater control and accuracy. Ensure that the right items are ordered in the right amount at the right time.

Eliminate Costly "Hidden" Inventory
Items that may represent a large amount of money, but that have never been systematically accounted for, take up valuable warehouse space and tie up precious capital. Microsoft Navision Advanced Distribution™ helps to quickly identify these items and gives the statistical data necessary to drive good operational decisions.

Reduce Data Entry Errors
Accurate direct input of data from the warehouse increases efficiency and lowers the risk of costly human errors. Use hand-held bar coding devices so that activities such as picking, packing, containerization, and cycle counting are far less time-consuming.

Prepare for the Future
With Microsoft Navision's™ proven XBRL solution, Navision Advanced Distribution is poised to implement future XML solutions as they are developed to increase supply chain efficiency. You will be able to collaborate effectively as a supply chain partner and integrate with Microsoft BizTalk Server to help automate business processes.