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No matter what business you're in, no matter how big your company is, becoming "e" is essential to acquiring new customers, staying competitive and quite soon, staying in business. But how do you take your company from brick and mortar to the Web? It's not as difficult as you might think. Navision Web Shop, the e-business tool from Navision Software, integrates your back office processing with Web ordering - the first step in getting your business online.

Microsoft Navision: Commerce Portal Demo
See how Microsoft Navision Commerce Portal helps you streamline interactions with your customers and vendors through Web-based trading, self-service, and other forms of collaboration.

Microsoft Navision: Web Reverse Auctions Demo
See how Microsoft Navision Commerce Portal helps you get the best price from vendors.

Microsoft Navision: Commerce Gateway Demo
See how Microsoft Navision Commerce Gateway makes it easier to take advantage of opportunities in business-to-business collaboration with electronic exchange of information.

Web Order = Sales Order
Navision Web Shop eliminates the time-consuming task of re-entering the same information in different places. Once an order is received from your Web catalog, you no longer have to waste valuable time and resources entering the order again into your accounting system for processing. With Navision Web Shop, Web orders are automatically entered as sales orders in Microsoft Navision, Navision's proven business management solution for medium-sized businesses.

Instant Website Updating from Behind the Scenes
Total integration also means virtually zero-based Web site maintenance because your site is database-driven from within Microsoft Navision. Navision Web Shop uses Active Server Pages, an open, compile-free scripting environment in which you can combine HTML, scripts and server components to create dynamic HTML pages, which allows you to actually maintain the information on your Web site directly from Microsoft Navision. For example, if you decide to place an item on sale, you simply change the price in Microsoft Navision, including the new price and the duration of the sale, and the sale price is dynamically placed in your Web catalog, complete with an "On-Sale" banner. It's that easy! You'll also save the time and resources necessary to print and ship catalogs by offering your product catalogs to your customers electronically.

Make Your Site Fit the Customer, Not the Customer Fit the Site
Navision Web Shop's open interface lets you easily write code or simply use plug-ins to make an attractive, interactive site which you can customize to handle transactions according to your business needs. Whether you're marketing to consumers or to businesses, you can provide the customer with advanced merchandising features, including:

A Shopping Cart for Easy Purchase

  • Automatic calculation of shipping fees and taxes
  • Automatic e-mail notification (new password, order processing, shipping notice, etc.)
  • List of previous purchases for easy reordering
  • A choice of languages in which to browse, a choice of currency, and so on.

Two Words: Custom Security
You can specify for each customer whether Web orders must be approved before they're converted into sales orders. If you specify a certain customer's orders must be approved, you will receive an automatic email notification whenever the customer makes an order. Then, upon your approval, the customer will receive an automatic email order confirmation. Alternatively, you can bypass the approval process and allow direct Web ordering for established customers. Whether you require order approval or not, customers can always get an overview of their e-business transactions.

Fortunately, You've Seen This Before
Navision Web Shop is fully integrated with familiar tools, such as Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft Internet Information Server and Microsoft® SQL Server®. This provides a standard interface built on industry-leading tools.

So get out of your brick-and-mortar world and get online. With Navision Web Shop, it's not difficult -- it's survival. Microsoft Navision Web Shop. Fast, affordable, integrated "e."

Commerce Gateway & Commerce Portal
Users can access Microsoft Navision through a variety of methods, including a PC and the Internet. The solution supports Internet-based features such as Microsoft Business Solutions Business Portal, Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Commerce Gateway and Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Commerce Portal.

User Portal
User Portal, based on the Microsoft Digital Dashboard, increases employee productivity by integrating all your company resources into a single browser-based interface. Commerce Gateway and Commerce Portal let you leverage the power of the Internet to streamline your commercial interactions with vendors and customers.