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Human Resources/Payroll


Human Resources
Human resources and payroll are a critical component of every business, as well as one of the most complicated. Among the most important considerations for companies looking for human resources and payroll software are ease of use, accuracy, and full integration with a business management system.  A powerful, integrated payroll and human resources software solution can improve labor productivity and labor efficiencies, as well as help you control labor related costs - all of which directly contribute to your company's bottom line.  Microsoft Navision for Human Resources Management is well-suited for a wide variety of industries.

As a flexible, powerful, in-house payroll solution, Microsoft Navision Payroll's strength lies within its overall design.  Utilizing "Controls" for flexibility, "Filters" for data manipulation, and Microsoft Navision's database for processing large numbers of employees quickly, all add up to a solid Human Resource Management (HRM) offering for the ERP II (Enterprise Resource Planning) market space. From Payroll to Communication Tracking and from Advanced Human Resources to Employee or Manager Self Service Microsoft Human Resources Management- Navision provides you with the necessary tools to effectively manage your most valuable resource - the employee.

The following are links to self-running demos of Microsoft Navision Payroll and Human Resources functional areas. In order to view these demo movies, you must first download the WebEx Player Zip file to your desktop.  

Standard Functionality
Basic Human Resources
Advanced Human Resources

Time and Attendance