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Get More Out of Your Most Profitable Customers

  • Segment your contacts based on specific criteria, such as sales, contact profiles, & interactions
  • Maintain an overview of opportunities in your sales pipeline
  • Personalize your approach to contacts in any language you choose
  • Target campaigns based on past buying behavior

Make Every Employee a Customer Expert

  • Your employees always have access to the latest detailed information on every contact
  • You maintain an overview of your contacts' companies and contact persons
  • Check history of interactions with each contacts
  • Know which accounts need immediate attention and which can wait

Customize the Solution to Fit Your Processes

  • Automate routine tasks-such as synchronization of customers & activities w/Microsoft Outlook®
  • Create to-do lists, assign tasks to users/teams, create activities composed of several to-dos
  • Gain insight into future opportunities by measuring the success of your campaigns

Microsoft Navision gives you complete and accurate information so you can focus your interactions on preferred customer segments. Good sales and marketing practices are all about making the right decisions at the right time, and to make better business decisions, you need to stay focused and be in control of all your marketing and sales efforts.

Microsoft Navision helps you make smarter decisions faster based on accurate information about every contact. With a precise overview of your contact information right at your fingertips, you can become more efficient and increase your employees' and customers' satisfaction. Sales and Marketing delivers the right CRM solution so you can get the job done better and faster.

Microsoft Navision gives you the power to:

  • Improve your customer relationship success to increase your productivity
  • Make well-informed decisions about customers to sharpen your competitive edge
  • Customize the solution to fit your processes and grow your business

Integration with Shippers (UPS, FedEx, etc.)