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Special Features


International Currency & Localizations

Multiple Currencies
There are localized versions of Microsoft Navision throughout the world.

Companies engaged in cross-border business operations need to manage multiple currencies in all their operations. With Microsoft Navision, you can easily set up and maintain multiple currencies throughout the solution for a variety of application areas, including payables and receivables, general ledger reports, bank accounts and resource/inventory items. For example, a company can issue an invoice in one currency and accept payment for that invoice in a different currency. You can also conduct all of your business in one currency and create reports in another.

Multiple Languages
Microsoft Navision® Multilanguage helps multilingual and global companies do business more efficiently.

Microsoft Navision Multilanguage Demo
Discover how easy it is for different users to work in alternative languages on the same database.

Microsoft Navision makes it easier to run a multilingual company that meets the needs of customers, vendors and employees. The solution's multilanguage functionality allows users to select the language they communicate with to customers, partners and other business contacts. It also helps employees work more efficiently by allowing them to choose their own language when using the system.

With Microsoft Navision’s Multiple Language Capability, Your Company Can:

ü       Print invoices in your customer's language

ü       Switch to virtually any language in the world on the spot

ü       Allow managers visiting abroad or stationed overseas to work in their own language

ü       Use different languages within one workplace

ü       Allow employees working in different languages to share the same workstation

ü       Change languages with one click - no need to reboot

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