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Navision Features


Navision can be scaled from a simple General Ledger, Receivables & Payables, Order Entry, Job Cost and Inventory Management System to a fully-integrated Enterprise (ERP) System encompassing a wide range of functions, including:

Microsoft Navision delivers the tools to automate any of your business processes, and you only have to pay for the functions you need.

A Seamless Solution...
With Microsoft Navision, you'll run your business completely in a graphical environment. Microsoft Navision is a true client/server solution offering 32-bit capabilities at the desktop. By running on Microsoft-compatible operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP, Microsoft Navision allows integration with Microsoft-compatible tools such as report writers, and popular financial reporting software.

Microsoft Navision has unique, built-in features that set it apart from other systems in terms of reliability and data integrity.

  • Commit & Rollback – If power is lost, your system crashes, etc. – Microsoft Navision will assume that NONE of the transactions in a posting routine occurred. This prevents partial postings of any batch.
  • Database Integrity – Posting a large transaction batch, Navision copies the original database and posts transactions to the copy. When posting is completed & verified, it discards the unneeded database copies. Thus, the posting routine can pick up where it left off in the event of power failure.

Unique Attributes
Microsoft Navision features other unique attributes that contribute to its speed, reliability, and user-freindliness:

  • Optimistic Concurrency
    Under normal conditions, no two persons will likely be viewing the same record with the intention to make changes. If this does happen, the person who posts the change first wins; the other person(s) will have to start over. This allows multiple users to view the same record without being locked out.

  • Buckets
    Microsoft Navision doesn’t compress data in ‘buckets’; all totals you see in any field are calculated on the spot, and are not stored numbers. You don’t even have to close out a month or a quarter, which can be time-consuming and tedious.

    A Microsoft Navision user has used the system for over 4 years, processing 300-400 invoices daily on a 10GB server and have never compressed their data.

  • SIFT (Sum Index Flow Technology)
    Any transaction posted anywhere in Microsoft Navision results in all customer, vendor, account, and item totals being updated for ALL periods – day, week, month, quarter, and year. As a result, reports print almost IMMEDIATELY, whereas other systems may take much more time to produce

  • Speed
    A company that was considering (amongst others) Microsoft Navision needed a system that could quickly and efficiently process over 10 million transactions per day. The company evaluated Microsoft Navision, and found that the system processed all of these transactions in under 3 minutes.

  • Audit Trail
    Microsoft Navision provides a very strong audit trail. Drill-down feature enables users and auditors to navigate down to the details comprising any number or field, from financial statements to original source documents, and from source documents up to the resulting financial statements.