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 Managing to win  

Successful contractors and contract manufacturers have a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget. It is estimated that the average construction project suffers 150% cost overruns and completes more than 175% late. Contractors who invest in the Microsoft Navision solution execute projects more efficiently, delivering a higher quality product while improving customer satisfaction.

The right financial and operational software translates into a clear competitive advantage that reveals itself not only in the project bidding and execution phases but, more importantly, in the company’s bottom line.

General and specialty contracting firms are highly customer and project-focused, with a long list of interrelated business operations such as finance, project management, purchasing, and field operations.

Day-to-day control and management of labor costs, project scope changes, material costs, field service work orders, and other operating activities require integrated information systems.

Microsoft Navision allows all stakeholders to work in unison, with common information and management tools at their disposal. The result is organizational efficiency and improved profitability.

 Effective Project Management

Microsoft Navision® provides winning financial and operational software tools for contractors and made-to-order manufacturing operations.

With Microsoft Navision, project managers receive timely and accurate job cost reporting. Integrated project management decreases the amount of non-value-added time that project managers spend on administrative tasks and provides them with integrated planning tools that permit hands-on scheduling of labor, materials, and subcontractors.

This assures that construction and manufacturing activities are scheduled and executed in a timely manner. With contract management, owner and subcontractor change orders can be managed more efficiently providing both Finance and Operations with greater detail and accuracy on the actual performance of the project.

Timely and accurate information leads to better decision-making, with a positive impact on the bottom line. Contractors can have an instant snapshot of project performance and what to expect for the duration of the job.

 Smoother Operation  

Automating business processes can increase profitability by minimizing the time spent on non-value-added tasks. Many successful general contractors are using Microsoft Navision software to simplify and automate their business processes.

Automating time and material billing has been a key efficiency gain. Labor and material invoices are created automatically using predetermined business rules to mark up costs. Invoices are then routed to the project managers for approval. This automation streamlines the generation of invoices and improves cash flow.

Automating these critical processes means more time spent on value-added services, directly contributing to increased ROI results. Improving analytical functions across all areas of business create an ability to forecast outcomes, monitor trends, and view the impact of change orders. Revenues and expenses can be tracked from initial budget through project closure, without waiting for accounting periods to close.

 Streamlined Internal Communications  

The Microsoft Business Portal is a Web-based collaborative tool that provides a rich interface into company-, department-, and employee-based functions and information.

From the Business Portal, managers can post information, tasks, and documents related to each of their departments. Key business indicators and functions can be tailored to a specific role or department providing managers and employees with information to better manage their jobs.

The system will produce alerts on items that need action, providing quicker response to items that risk impacting profitability or schedules. Dispatchers can view schedules on a graphical dispatch board and sort/select service calls by branch, technician (one or all technicians), geographic zone, call type, and status.

Portals can be used to share project document libraries and greatly improve the quality and efficiency of developing and organizing project-related teams, meetings, and document deliverables. Document versioning facilitates easy collaboration on documents, projects, and tasks.

In addition, portals enable project managers and supervisors to easily find and make use of people, teams, and existing best practices. Web-based access and robust security assure that critical client and internal information are protected, while remaining accessible to credentialed team members.

 Improved Customer Relations

Many construction and contracting businesses depend on customer management relationship (CRM) software to build a first-class service organization by managing and tracking all customer-facing activities.

Each job provides the opportunity to add to a knowledge base that can be leveraged for future projects, resulting in improved customer service and more efficient projects. Robust software applications offer sophisticated functionality to improve client relationships and increase customer retention and loyalty.

 Adapt with Ease Using Microsoft Navision®

Microsoft Navision offers a set of strong applications that, when combined with the underlying Microsoft technologies, deliver a compelling suite of tools for construction and manufacturing operations.

The ongoing Microsoft Navision commitment to continually enhance our software provides a solid growth path for years to come, delivering greater value and dependability. In short, Microsoft Navision® solutions can help contractors and manufacturers lower costs while increasing value, improve interactions with customers and suppliers, and make faster, smarter decisions.