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Scrap Metals/Recycling

A Complete Enterprise

Accounting System for the

Scrap Recycling
Here are just some of the features & functions we have incorporated into Microsoft Navision® systems for our clients: 
  • financial reports:
    • by plant
    • by department
  • by plant & department dimensions
  • payroll entry
  • depreciation, multiple books
  • ferrous
  • non-ferrous
  • bale tickets
  • occasional re-grading
  • expected yield vs. actual yield
  • purchase pricing
  • commercial & non-commercial vendors
  • payees

  • goods arrive via company truck, contract driver, non-affiliated person
  • loaded vehicle pulls onto scale
  • record weight
  • tare weight taken
  • unload commodity
  • commodity inspected
  • inspection ticket written
  • info entered into system
  • bar-coded ticket generated
  • vehicle info recorded:
    • # of passengers
    • license plate number
  • CFC agreement expiration notification
  • renewal reminder
  • scale ticket, inspection ticket taken to cashier
  • deductions for trash, water, mud, etc.
  • interface to scales
  • Touch Screen interface
  • most from pre-negotiated contracts
  • some from yard sale
  • set delivery schedule
  • interface with railroad system
  • invoice created from sales order
  • track contracts/show position at all times
  • sales orders made from contracts
  • order goes to yard to prepare shipment
  • bill of lading created from sales order
  • pricing set by price book, formula
  • preventive maintenance suggestions
  • equipment to be inspected
  • manual repair ticket entry
  • repair parts used
  • repair history stored
  • container tracking
  • record of technician, with direct & indirect cost
  • inspections generate service ticket
  • “not available” container warning, when container assigned to dispatch ticket
  • driver performance tracking
  • driver CDL status tracking
  • driver’s cost to company
  • dispatch
    • pick up times
    • mileage
    • fuel
  • containers recorded at pickup, drop off
  • freight based on zones
  • freight allocated to departments
  • deliveries
  • fuel report – fuel cost
  • contract drivers’ bills vs. time reported


Navision has been in the international enterprise software market since 1985.  There are over 133,000 companies using Navision worldwide.  Microsoft purchased Navision in July, 2002.


Companies choose Navision based on independent reviews of Navision as well as recommendations from current users.  Navision is one of the highest-rated systems overall for small, mid-size, and large companies.

Extensive training and testing is required by Microsoft Navision of its Partner Network.  Navision requires Solutions Centers to attend Microsoft Navision Training Academy and pass rigorous tests.  Most other accounting systems have few or non-existent standards for solutions providers.
Navision can be scaled from a simple General Ledger, Receivables, Payables, Order Entry, Job Cost and Inventory system to a full Enterprise System encompassing many more business functions.
We have implemented, supported, and trained companies and institutions with the Navision system for over seven years.
We do a comprehensive business process analysis for each prospect before going forward.
Anderson Essentials has a 100% implementation success rate (on-time, on-budget, all desired functionality intact) in over 7 years of installing Navision software.  The industry average for completely successful business software installations is about 16%.
Anderson Essentials offers a FIXED PRICE services agreement.  Very few software providers will offer this guarantee.  We honor the price we quote from the very beginning; if we underestimate the hours necessary to implement the Microsoft Navision system, we do not charge for any additional hours required to get your company “live” on the system.  Many software implementers routinely add unexpected extra costs and hours to their final bill.


For more comprehensive software systems for the Scrap/Recycling industry, please contact our office directly.
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